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Easily monetize and automate your music business!

Create your multi-page artist website to engage your audience, automate marketing, boost your streams…

All in one place!

It's time for a change...

Artists have been dealt a lousy hand for far too long.

Limited Reach

Limited Revenue

Limited Ressources

Limited Time & Budget

Be the change

Embrace a new era of ownership, growth, control, and unshakable independence.

Let’s level the playing field. We’re here to equip artists with the right tools and resources to take their music careers to the next level.


With Smart Links & Retargeting tech, your fans are able to engage with your art easier than ever before!


Collect monthly recurring revenue from your true fans who want to financially support you.m and even when you invite other artists to use OA.


Isn’t all about your fans? Engage & get closer to your fans with direct messaging, fan portal, retargeting ads, etc. All in one spot!

The 4 pillars

All of what you want... in One Place

Multi-Page Website

Central hub that has your social & music links, contact info, music videos, biography, interviews, shop and your events.

Custom URL Website

When you send people to your own website, you are capitalizing and benefiting from every single click and traffic. Stop sharing these other link sharing sites!

Smart Links

Streamline the sharing your social and music links, directing fans directly into the app instead of the browser, where no one is logged in.

Tips & Subscriptions

Earn money directly from your audience to your bank. No wait time. No percentages. 100% your own business.

Online Fan Meets

Monetize your calendar online meetings and have your audience book fan meets with you.

Online Digital Shop

Sell digital items like Features, Song Review, Reaction Videos or other ideas/services you may have!

Retargeting Ads

Target your ads towards only those who have once landed on your website, for a higher conversion rate. Game changer!

Bulk SMS, Email & DMs

Directly send thousands of messages at once to notify your audience about your upcoming project, with one click.

Social Management Tool

Save time and post across all social platforms with one click. You can even schedule them ahead to have your entire social game automated.


Create crazy automations with our workflow creator. Automate tasks, emails, sms, DMs and a lot more.

All-in-One Inbox

Easily engage with your audience across different channels through one unified inbox. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Emails & SMS.


Enable people to book you for an online meeting, directly from your website.

Evergrowing Contact List

Every time someone enters in communication with you, they are going to get added into your contact list automatically.

Not Comparable

Specialized for music artists' GROWTH

Are you ready to take your music career to the next level?

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FULL Access to OA Web App
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  • PRO Website

  • PRO Monetization

  • PRO Engagement

  • PRO Marketing

  • Onboarding Included

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Features by plan

Custom URL
Multi-Page Website
Music Videos
Interview Videos
Social Media Stats
BeatStars Integration
100% Ownership
Fan Tips
Fan Subscriptions
Online Fan Meets
Digital Shop
SMART Music Links
SMART Social Links
Evergrowing Contact List
All-in-One Inbox
Pre-Loaded with SMS & Email Campaigns
Social Media Automation
SMS Marketing
Emai Marketing
IG DM Marketing
Fan Management (CRM)
Retargeting Scripts
Multi-Channel Chat Bots

Your best investment

Stop wasting time and money over other apps

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions?

How do I get started?

Simply choose the plan that fits your needs the best, subscribe and follow the setup guide to set your account up.

Yes. We suggest you buy your domain from popular domain registars like GoDaddy. It costs about $15 to $20 per year.

By enabling your audience to send you one-time tips, or even subscribing to you for a monthly support. Plus, you have an online booking system that you could monetize to meet fans. You also have a shop to sell your digital goods.

We have tools that you could use to launch re-targeting ads directly from the dashboard. All pre-configured for you to have the best results. Plus, you can send BULK Email, SMS and even Instagram DMs to promote your next project!

Official Artists is not just another link sharing site. You gain access to many tools that’ll help you better market yourself. One of the features of this tool is that it also creates you a multi-page website that you could use to showcase everything, not just links. We’re talking social links, contact info, EPK, biography, shop, events, etc.

When you bring traffic to your own name, it add value to your name. Not only that, every single person that lands on your website, also gets added to your custom retargeting audience. Which then you could use to exponentially grow your business.

Nope. It’s a month to month subscription program. You can cancel at any time. No strings attached.

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