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At OA, we are revolutionizing artist promotion. Our mission is to empower music artists like you to rise above the noise and craft your success. With our comprehensive platform, you’ll have everything you need to showcase your talent, grow your fanbase, and monetize your grind. Say goodbye to scattered links and hello to a centralized hub that amplifies your presence and opens doors to new opportunities. Join us on this journey as we redefine how artists connect with their audience and build thriving careers.



Artists have been dealt a lousy hand for far too long. They’re getting paid peanuts for their hard work, struggling with limited resources, and getting taken advantage of left and right. On top of that, they’re expected to be business experts when all they want to do is create. And to make matters worse, they’re forced to build their entire careers on social media platforms that could pull the plug at any moment, leaving them high and dry.



Let’s level the playing field. We’re here to equip artists with the right tools and resources to take their music careers to the next level. We’re talking about a whole new way of doing things, where artists don’t have to rely on middlemen, juggle multiple subscriptions, or give away a chunk of their hard-earned cash. We’re here to help artists market themselves and their music efficiently, all while gaining the independence they deserve.



Embrace a new era of ownership, growth, control, and unshakable independence. With your own decentralized platform, every traffic directed to your central hub is an added opportunity to your portfolio. Traffic is harvested and is converted to boost your brand instead of promoting these other link sharing sites. And it’s not just about growth; your central hub will become the go-to spot for your fans, potential collaborators, employers, and even writers who want to tell your story.




For your audience to engage with your content, you need to send them directly to the APP where, they’re logged in. Reduce friction to increase action.

Retargeting Ads

No one will click on your ad if they don’t know you. With re-targeting ads, your ads would only show to those who have once landed on your site, increasing your clicks & essentially, your streams.

Decentralized platform

OA enables you to create your own decentralized hub where you could direct all of your audience to.

New stream of income

Real independent artists have multiple streams of income. OA enables your listeners to support you monetarily, by subscribing to you.


Establish a direct communication with your fans. Not only you will see your fanbase grow, but you can interact and nurture your fans directly.

Unified two-way Inbox

View and reply to all of your emails, text messages, Instagram DMs, Facebook DMs from one inbox.

And a lot more...

Booking system, SMS & Email marketing, social media planner, fan portal, marketing automations, all in one reporting (website and music analytics) and etc.

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