Your own Central Hub.

Links, EPK, Shop, Events Tips, Subscriptions...

Everything your audience needs to see, in one page. Stop promoting linktree and put some respect on your own name instead… Custom URL Website.

Make $

Make money as an artist

Enable your audience to easily support you financially with tips, subscriptions, online fan meets, online listening parties and even selling services. Service examples: songwriting, features, live performances,  song reviews, beat making, etc. Keep 100% of the revenue, without any splits.

Multi-Page Website

Linktree alternative, specialized for music artists

Linktree and other linksharing sites are far from being the most beneficial for music artists. Why? Because the first click that you drive to that site goes to promote that link sharing site, before your own name or music.

Solution: a custom URL website that showcases more than just a couple of links.

Custom URL Website


Start promoting your own name instead of promoting these linksharing sites for 2 reasons:

  1. Have every click and traffic add value to your name
  2. Able to run ads to those who have once landed on your website (re-targeting ads)

Smart Deep Links

Links open in APP

Have you clicked on someone’s link only to end up in the browser where you are not logged in to engage? Well now, your links will open in the app, where people are logged in to actually engage with your content.

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Showcase (EPK)

Unlock the full potential of showcasing your work while adding more monetization opportunities.

Multi-Page Website

Imagine Linktree, but on steroids. An entire central hub for your audience. An EPK and a website that focuses on adding new sources of revenue to your business.

Custom URL

Drive the traffic to add value to your own name instead of promoting these other link sharing sites.

Smart Deep Links

Your content is not getting much engagement? Maybe because your audience is being sent to a browser where they are not logged in!


Add new sources of revenue to your business to have more freedom in your

Tips & Subscriptions

Enable your visitors to pay you directly through one-time tips or monthly subscriptions.

Request Payment

Easily send payment links across all conversation channels. Easily get paid via Credit Card, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

Online Meets

Online meetings? Or Online Fan Meets! You choose if you want to charge for it or if you want to do it for free. It's your business!

Invoices & Contracts

Create & easily send invoices, estimates and proposals.

Service Shop

Sell services like songwriting, performing, song review or other services you may have!


Want to teach your audience? Create a course and sell that course to your audience.


Engage with your listeners, nurture them, and turn them into fans. 

All-in-One Inbox

All of your inboxes in one place. Instagram DMs, Facebook, Emails, SMS & Website Chat...


Sync your calendar with Google, Outlook or iCloud to properly plan out your routine as a business owner.

Inbound/Outbound Dialer

Have a professional number for your music business to keep your personal life out of your business.

Retargeting Ads

The ability to run advertisement to those who have at least landed on your website once! Retargeting ads have much higher conversion rates.

Bulk Messaging

Send bulk DMs, Emails or SMS messages to promote your upcoming event or release!

Social Media MGMT

Post across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X) and LinkedIn with one click. Saves lots of time!

Contact List

Build a contact list on auto-pilot. Every time someone send you a message, they get added a as a contact that you can later on send messages to!


Trigger complexe automations. Send a DM, wait 2 minutes, send another DM, get their Email, send an email. Campaigns on steroids

Community (coming soon)

Your own free or paid community where you could get intimate with your true fans.

Fan Chat

Chat with fans who have joined your community!

Live Feed

A live feed similar to facebook or other socials. But YOUR FEED with YOUR community.

Like & Comments

Enable your community tot like and comment on the feed. Get intimate with your supporters.

Public & Private Groups

Enable your audience to pay to join more VIP groups that you may have. More ways to monetize.

User Directory

See a list of your true supporters and their contact informations.

Courses, Quizzes & Certifications

Enable your community to partake into your courses, have them go through quizzes and once they passe, they get their certifications!

Are you ready to take your music career to the next level?

OA Articles

Find useful resources or articles to expand your knowledge

Frequently asked questions

Have questions?

How do I get started?

Simply choose the plan that fits your needs the best, subscribe and follow the setup guide to set your account up.

Yes. We suggest you buy your domain from popular domain registars like GoDaddy. It costs about $15 to $20 per year.

By enabling your audience to send you one-time tips, or even subscribing to you for a monthly support. Plus, you have an online booking system that you could monetize to meet fans. You also have a shop to sell your digital goods.

We have tools that you could use to launch re-targeting ads directly from the dashboard. All pre-configured for you to have the best results. Plus, you can send BULK Email, SMS and even Instagram DMs to promote your next project!

Official Artists is not just another link sharing site. You gain access to many tools that’ll help you better market yourself. One of the features of this tool is that it also creates you a multi-page website that you could use to showcase everything, not just links. We’re talking social links, contact info, EPK, biography, shop, events, etc.

When you bring traffic to your own name, it add value to your name. Not only that, every single person that lands on your website, also gets added to your custom retargeting audience. Which then you could use to exponentially grow your business.

Nope. It’s a month to month subscription program. You can cancel at any time. No strings attached.