Mission Statement

Official Artists is dedicated to empowering artists by providing innovative digital tools and platforms that streamline business management, enhance fan engagement, and maximize revenue opportunities. Our mission is to transform the music industry into a more accessible, sustainable, and artist-centric ecosystem, where creators can thrive on their talent and maintain direct connections with their audience. We commit to fostering creativity, diversity, and innovation within the global artist community, ensuring every artist has the opportunity to pursue their passion and achieve financial independence.

Vision for 2026: Expanding Our Pillars

  • Community: We envision a thriving community where artists not only engage with fans but also find and collaborate with one another, fostering a dynamic environment of support and creative exchange.

  • Academy: Official Artists is committed to launching an academy aimed at empowering music artists with crucial industry knowledge. This educational pillar will focus on demystifying the music business, covering essential topics such as understanding royalties, mastering the art of synchronization licenses, and navigating the complexities of contracts. Our goal is to equip artists with the tools and insights needed to thrive independently, ensuring they can maximize their creative output and financial rewards from their art.

  • Agency: We’re on a path to providing expansive services that empower artists with greater control and agency over their careers, setting new standards in artist representation and support.

  • Management: Our future includes redefining artist and talent management, offering transparent, efficient, and personalized management solutions that cater to the unique needs of each artist.

  • Events: We aim to curate events that showcase the diverse talents within our community, providing platforms for artists to connect with wider audiences and celebrate the richness of the arts.

  • Headquarters in Montreal: Our goal is to establish a creative hub in Montreal, serving as a sanctuary for artists to explore, create, and collaborate across multiple disciplines, enhancing both local and global artistic endeavors.

  • Online Video Series: We plan to engage the world with an online video series, featuring competitions, interviews, and educational content, enriching the global arts community with insights and inspiration.


Commitment to Innovation

As we grow, our commitment to innovation remains steadfast. Official Artists is not just anticipating the future of the music industry; we’re actively creating it, with technology as our foundation and community, agency, management, events, and more as our building blocks for a vibrant, artist-centric ecosystem by 2026.

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