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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of the music industry, Official Artists (OA) has emerged as a transformative tool, offering a paradigm shift for artists aiming to assert control over their careers.
OA provides a suite of tools encompassing digital presence, fan engagement, marketing automation and revenue generation, positioning artists at the forefront of their artistic journey.

Artist-First Model

OA adopts an Artist-First model, equipping artists with essential tools to propel their music careers to new heights. The platform facilitates effortless fan engagement, revenue capitalization, and centralized business ownership.

Smart Links and Retargeting technology redefine fan interaction, simplifying connections between fans and artists. OA enables artists to retain 100% of their revenue, including monthly recurring revenue from supportive fans, extending this benefit to those who invite fellow artists to join the platform. This provides a clear advantatge for artists to not rely solely on touring or streams as revenue. You can now create a community around your art, meaning OA facilitates direct revenue collection through tips, subscriptions, online fan meets, and an online digital shop.

Artists can monetize online meetings, sell digital items, and earn money directly from their audience without delays or revenue sharing.

Fan Oriented: Fostering Deeper Connections

OA acknowledges the pivotal role fans play in an artist’s journey, providing tools for direct messaging, fan portal access, retargeting ads, and more. All fan-related activities are consolidated in one convenient space.

Own the Business: All-in-One Platform

OA serves as an all-encompassing platform with features like multi-page websites, custom URL websites, and smart links. Artists can streamline social and music link sharing, ensuring fans land directly in the OA app for enhanced engagement and control.

Marketing: Automated and Targeted Strategies

OA provides access to powerful marketing tools, including retargeting ads, bulk SMS, email, and DM campaigns. The platform includes a social management tool and workflows for task automation, allowing artists to save time and streamline their marketing efforts.

Engagement: Streamlined Communication

OA simplifies communication through an all-in-one inbox, a calendar for online meetings, and a growing contact list. Artists can engage seamlessly across different channels, from Instagram to email and SMS.

This is how Official Artists merges all this professional apps in one platform to ensure a lasting career in the music industry. OA All-in-One platform includes nothing less than:


  1. Centralized Platform: OA consolidates essential tools, streamlining workflows for artists.
  2. Instant Withdrawals: Artists can withdraw their earnings with a single click, free from transaction fees.
  3. Affordable Subscription Plans: OA offers flexible lite and premium plans, with a budget-friendly of $5/month or $30/month subscription.
  4. Unified Social Media Management: Manage all social media links and accounts from one place, growing email contact lists effortlessly.
  5. Professional Artist Pages: Link fans directly to personalized artist pages, elevating the artist’s professional image.
  6. Team Collaboration: Artists can add members to manage their OA site collaboratively.
  7. Versatile Monetization: Diverse income streams from tips, subscriptions, online fan meets, and a digital shop.

OA is an invite-only app, the only way in is through invitation.

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