OA: Your All-in-One Artist Marketing Tool for Music Success

Discover OA, the ultimate all-in-one artist marketing tool for musicians. Say goodbye to app juggling and engage your fans seamlessly. Unlock the future of music marketing. It’s time to introduce you to OA, the ultimate all-in-one artist marketing tool that’s here to make your musical journey smoother, smarter, and more successful.

OA can be well represented by 4 pillars. Showcase, Engage, Monetize & Automate. Let’s talk about it.

Pillar 1: Showcase

The goal is to have you promote your NAME instead of promoting these other link sharing sites like Linktree. Currently, a lot of artists are primarily promoting Linktree first, themselves second. That’s a big issue. So, imagine having your own website with a custom URL website (something like artistname.com) where you showcase your work and has all of what your audience wants from you. It’s like your digital home, where your audience can find everything about you.

All of the social media links and your music links that you share on your website are actually going to open in the APP instead of the browser, thanks to our Smart Links technology. Your website isn’t just links; it’s your Press Kit, your About Page (EPK), your Shop, and the place for all your Events. Plus, your audience can financially support you by giving you Tips and Subscripting to you. Without any middlemen involved, you own 100% of the business.

Pillar 2: Engage

Engaging with your audience is key to your success. OA is your sidekick, bringing all your conversations into one place. No more hopping between apps. Every person you talk to becomes a contact, and their info updates automatically. Your contact list is forever growing automatically and that’s super powerful if you would want to directly promote your music to your audience. Your network is your networth!

Pillar 3: Monetize

Let’s talk business. With OA, you can monetize your music journey like a pro. Fans can give you tips, subscribe to your content, and you can even host online fan meets, making money doing what you love. No waiting for payouts; it’s your music success, on your terms.

Pillar 4: Automate

Now, let’s dive into marketing. Think bulk SMS, Email campaigns, and IG DMs. But here’s the game-changer: SMS & Instagram DMs.

Imagine a new track is dropping. With OA, a few clicks and your SMS campaign, Email and DM campaign is live. Your fans get the scoop directly on their phones, supercharging your music success.

Are you ready to ride the wave of music success with OA? Let’s create, connect, and set your music career on fire🚀

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