Why you need a website?

The world is changing at a fast pace, and the music industry too, that’s why establishing a strong online presence is crucial for musicians and their agents.
Two common tools for this purpose are Linktree and personal websites. Both serve to connect artists with their audience, but they have distinct differences that can impact the effectiveness of your online strategy.
In this article, we’ll explore the disparities between Linktree and having your own website, helping you make an informed decision on which suits your needs best.

Understanding Linktree

Linktree is a platform that provides a simple, one-page solution to house multiple links.
For musicians, this can be beneficial when sharing content on social media or other platforms with limited space for links. It acts as a concise digital business card, allowing fans to access various important links, such as music releases, tour dates, and social media profiles, all in one place but in reality having a page that displays a bunch of links is not the best marketing strategy… Let’s understand why and how we can upgrade our Linktree.

What offers Linktree or similars:

1. Simplicity: Linktree is easy to set up and requires no coding skills. It’s user-friendly, making it accessible for musicians without technical expertise.

2. Convenience: The platform is convenient for sharing multiple links in a single location, streamlining the user experience for your audience.

3. Analytics: Linktree offers basic analytics, giving users insights into link clicks and overall engagement.

All of the above can be achieved with a Bento page but more importantly with your own website. But in fact, these features don’t add any revenue, audience targeting or community building which should be your main concerns, and the reason why is because they showcase many links leaving the fan with too many options and choosing one, while discarding the rest. Too much potential lost and untapped. Instead, let’s see what does owning your website with Official Artists can do.

Understanding Your Own Website

Having a personal website offers more control and customization over your online presence. It’s like having your own virtual headquarters, where you can showcase your brand, personality and content in a way that reflects your unique identity as an artist + you can create a marketing strategy behind it (i.e: building a community for your audience, selling merch and courses, etc.)

Pros of Your Personal Website:

1. Brand Identity: A personal website allows for complete customization, enabling you to establish and reinforce your brand identity. From color schemes to layout, you have the creative freedom to shape the online experience for your audience.

2. Ownership and Control: Unlike Linktree, where you’re confined to a predetermined template, your own website grants you full control. You own your content and decide how it’s presented, providing a more authentic representation of your artistic vision.

3. Versatility: A personal website can serve as a centralized hub for all your online activities, including a blog, merchandise store, and direct fan engagement. This versatility can enhance the overall user experience and keep fans coming back for more.

4. Marketing Strategy: With OA, you can automate marketing campaigns, have your own analytics and don’t pay third-parties, you can create marketing strategies and build around them.

5. Community: You can also create a community to engage with your audience on a deeper level and under your own terms. You can create custom resources for them, contests, private chat groups and most importantly build an unique environment for your music to thrive while having a community ready to invest in it and support your career.


Linktree and their copies have been a great solution in the past for a lot of musicians, yet, the digital world changes faster and faster and that demands a high quality and tech solution that is as easy to use but that has much more to offer keeping in mind customer consumption standars, marketing and selling psychology for artists and their craft + the importance of building a community around your persona and music career.

In the dynamic world of music, establishing a robust online presence is an ongoing process. Consider your long-term goals, audience engagement strategies, and the level of control you desire when deciding between Linktree and your own website.
Regardless of your choice, the ultimate aim is to connect with your audience, share your passion for music and create an online space that truly resonates with fans.

If you want to build a unique brand identity and have greater control over your online presence, investing in a personal website is a wise decision. 

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